Exit Museum

Lectures, Master Classes, concerts

The best way to know something new is a visiting of museum. There are a lot of pieces of art, household items, historical relics in spacious halls and glass showcases. You can go to a tour and the museum not only shows but also tells you news and amazing things. Modern museum is a real interactive adventure.

The Filimonov's Atelier. Doll's Studio

Sometimes it's difficult to find free time to visit of museum. Lerning new is a vital thing, as known human's brain lives only when learns new. We've organized an exit museum to share our knowledge and experience of creating dolls and toys. We called it 'The Filimonov's Exit Museum of Craft'. Our exit tours are the same as in a static museum: showpieces, lectures, Master classes of creating dolls and toys. Even souvenirs!

The Filimonov's Atelier. Doll's Studio

We tell about national folk costumes, history of dolls, kinds of crafts. We teach to create simple and complicated toys by using knowledge from lectures. All showpieces of our museum are made by us and we can tell all about its!

The Filimonov's Atelier. Doll's Studio

In museum's programme:

Tour duration depends on clients. There are programmes for children, for adults and for adults with children. You can order an exit tour, ask questions and get more information on e-mail filimonovs.atelier@yandex.ru и WhatsApp +7 920 893 82 55.