Filimonov's Toys

Crocheted and sewed original hand-made toys

Crocheted and sewed toys are the softest toys from all kinds of toys! And the most lovely. Bears, hares, puppyies, elephants, crocodiles, lizards - all kinds of fauna of our planet and even not our Univers - skliss, for example! There are elves, dwarves, cactuses, Druides - endless number of variations of fluffy toys.

The Filimonov's Atelier. Doll's Studio

Our toys are not just fluffy but also wear resistant. Cats from collection «The Cat in the Bag» are crocheted from acryl, have glasses or plastic eyes, filled with polyester, don't fade, don't cause allergies, easy to wash and difficult to break them! Practicality and aesthetic pleasure - this is our toys!

The Filimonov's Atelier. Doll's Studio

We make collection «The Bear's Trio» every year. It is three crocheted teddy bears with one decoration style. It was a crocheted clothe from blue yarn in 2018. These bears are made in the Teddy technic so they have swivel bracing of paws and foots, because of it they can stand on their own foots without any help.

Toys for FA-Dolls are smaller for a doll could hold the toy's paw. Large Teddy bears from collection «Polar Explorers» are for careful children and adults because they were created with traditional Teddy technologies of varnishing noses, eyes and paws, but they are filled with only polyester - no special weighting agents. These are the reasons to not wash bears. The toys need attentive attitude and proper care.

The Filimonov's Atelier. Doll's Studio

Tradional Filimonov's toys are crocheted ones. Every toy is made by a single Master. We study to create a fluffy toy from made details everyone who wants on special Master Classes. Collection «The Cat in the Bag» was created special for this purpose.

Collection «The March Hares» consists small - 10-12 sm - doll's toys. Eyes of hares are glass and paws are able to move.

Branded key chain in a watermelon form shows a Filimonov's Atelier idea - using all number of handiworks and styles and types of hand work to create dolls and toys. Handiworks (a mwatermelon) are all kinds (seeds) of arts which are made by human's hand with minimum tools.

The Filimonov's Atelier. Doll's Studio

We create white crocheted bells for decorate Christmas Trees and house every year.