About Us

Alla N. Filimonova, doll master, foundress of Atelier
Elena I. Filimonova, crocheted toys master

FA - The Filimonov's Atelier - began in 1995 when the foundress Alla N. Filimonova created first dolls. They were gone in New York and London. As today, first dolls were textile. Their clothes were rich-finished and original.

The Filimonov's Atelier. Doll's Studio

The Filimonov's Atelier was found in 2008. It was a little family studio where Alla N. with daughter created hand-made crocheted clothes, bags, toys and dolls. FA has now a specialization on textile swivel playing and boudoir dolls. Rich experience in creating hand-made clothes and accessories realizes in original doll's clothes.

Purpose of our Atelier is to give happiness in doll's form!

Our mottos:
No glue!
No paint!
Absolutely hand made!

Always Yours, The Filimonov's Atelier